Jade Health

Healthcare Ecosystem for Plant Medicine Industries.

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Complete Medical Supply Chain Management

Patients & Providers

Our complete electronic healthcare system manages all services for patients and providers.

Research & Regulation

Cloud access to fully compliant dashboard for research and marketplace oversight.

Industry Compliance

Our ecosystem is for providers, producers, manufacturers, laboratories and regulators.


Our Digital Ecosystem

Seed to Sale

Jade powers plant-based medicine markets to operate a compliant and regulated marketplace. Jade connects all stakeholders into an ecosystem to research, develop and regulate the introduction of new medicines and complementary therapies into existing global healthcare systems.

Jade’s integrative platform helps manage patients and inform providers on the entire healthcare journey, from finding a provider to connecting to consumers and the best products. Jades’ clinical support tools can schedule an appointment, produce a superbill and manage clinical operations.

Jades’ core priority is to enable contactless engagement from initial consultation and prescription, to remote patient monitoring, across the entire medical and plant supply chains. Jade’s cloud ecosystem encompasses revenue cycle management, customer retention tools and data analytic outcomes, to improve business intelligence, for the whole ecosystem.

Jade's Ecosystem Solution

Jade provides a compliant and fully regulated cloud ecosystem to enable geographies to introduce plant medicine and complementary therapies into each healthcare system.

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Complete Ecosystem Management Software


Patient Health Management Portal

Jades’ contactless health management system allows patients and their providers to make plant-based medicine prescriptions, evidence-based treatment recommendations, ongoing lifestyle and healthcare suggestions, which align with legal parameters and traced and tracked product availability.

Jade allows consumers and patients to access care and the medicine needed to care for themselves and loved ones in the safest possible environment while limiting exposure to unnecessary contact within healthcare situations. Jade supports certified patients to receive access to personalize treatment plans by approved providers.

Clinical Decision Support Tools

Document medical cannabis encounters with our robust EHR system for patient compliance, monitoring and reimbursement.

Jade offers a globally compliant EHR health ecosystem for providers to manage and monitor the incorporation of plant-based medicine into their daily practices and patients lives through government supported compliance software.

Jades’ EHR documentation system provides a HIPPA compliant system that enables providers to document medical cannabis encounters along with proper service codes, CPT/ICD codes, invoice generation, inventory management, superbill generation and clinical management.

Our EHR application helps medical provider networks, states and countries to regulate plant medicines to document all encounters that meet industry guidelines and safe practices.

Working with Jade enables geographies to create science-based regulation and protocols for the safe and efficacious introduction of plant medicine with traditional pharmaceutical medicines and technological methods of care delivery.


Cannaceutical Fullfillment

Ecommerce solution for cannabis and professional-grade nutraceutical fullfillment.

Jade provides a marketplace solution for all industry players to interact, transact and regulate within our trusted platform to upregulate industry standards and reporting.

Jades’ system was developed to serve the varying regulations by each state, country or geography. We enable the assignment of both adult-use recreational products and medical-use products to follow different requirements and regulations.

Jade’s marketplace allows companies and healthcare providers to serve patients’ medical, educational and emotional needs by empowering patients with more knowledge and responsibility in their long term health journey and decision making process.

Global Business Intelligence

Jade provides global marketplace intelligence data gathered from adult use and medicial markets. Based on each regulatory framework Jade is able to monitor and report healthcare interactions as new plant based products are introduced.

Jade combines a cloud ecosystem management approach to combine large data sets covering the entire globe to search for patterns to advance the research, development and deployment of new plant-based medicine and therapeutics.

Jades’ cloud ecosystem enables providers, researchers and regulators to administrate the use of plant-based medicines. Jades’ proprietary data aggregation enables clean data sets around specific products and patient populations. Jades’ mission is to advance plant-based personalized care. Jade intends to develop an objective science-based standard for the production and distribution of plant-based medicine on a global scale.

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Currently Jade is working with large enterprise and government clients to power new countries, states and geographies globally to provide a global standard for the entire plant-based ecosystem.

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Cloud Ecosystem Management Solutions

    Ecosystem Set-Up for Clinics
    5 GB Storage/Clinic
    Basic Support
    Reports and Analytics
    Ecosystem Set-Up for Government
    Unlimited Storage
    Highest Level of Support
    Consultation Services/Collaboration
    Big Data Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to begin?

With every new client and geography we service our team will work in-depth to understand each client and country's current needs. Due to regulation and ongoing implementation of plant medicine industries Jade requires an indepth exploration to identify compliant potential clients.

How does ecommerce and fullfillment work with Jade?

Jade works with compliant and regulated payment processing institutions based on geography. Jades’ marketplace has created payment pathways that are compliant with geographic regulations for retail sales, dispensary, pharmaceutical and/or clinical distribution.

Can Jade’s cloud ecosystem serve my specific needs?

Jade’s cloud ecosystem software provides services for each industry stakeholder from consumer to government regulators. Jade’s cloud ecosystem is flexible enough to serve each geography's regulation and specific needs.

Jade Licensing and Servicing Agreements

Jade’s Cloud Ecosystem software is offered to all clients through professional and cloud service agreements (CSA’s). A cloud service contract sets out the legal basis upon which a customer for cloud-based services accesses and uses those services. Although cloud service agreements have superficial similarities to software licence agreements, there is a fundamental difference in the legal rights being granted to the customer.

Bring Plant Medicine to your Geography with a Complete Cloud Ecosystem Software

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